Game of Thrones A telltale Game 100% Completed Save Game

Game of thrones is an Graphical adventure game developed and published by Telltale Games in partnership with Ty Corey Franck. The game will be in 6 episodes in sequence which is totally based on a TV series. The interface would be quite similar to other Telltale games with texture and the medium to interact with the objects and other in-game characters. We as the gamer will be able to move our character throughout the world’s environment with solving puzzles or missions. It has a lot to think about as the game has some strategy like genre included.

You can download the 100% completed Save Files for this game from this page in a single click. It is a real time gaming with active decision and action must be taken into perspective. If any of your progress path is lost then you can download the save game files for episode 1 from here. We’ll be uploading more save game files as soon as we are finished with the new releases, but first of all before using the save game files make sure you make a backup of your progress, in case if it doesn’t work for you, delete or overwrite the saved files.

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