Game of Thrones Sons of Winter Save Game

Game of Thrones Sons of Winter

Game of Thrones Sons of Winter PC Game the 4th episode out of the total 6 was released for PC and other gaming consoles on 26th May this year. It is a role-playing game which is high on action and the best so far in the series developed and published by Telltale games and is based on American television series Game of thrones.

The story revolves around the destiny of Forresters which is uncertain but comes to a balance and the life of none of the Forresters kin (Rodrik, Ryon, Gared, Mira, Asher and others) is safe. Rodrik gets a chance to free their family’s castle, Ironrath from their rival Whitehill’s control. His brother Ryon however is still in jail, so his moves must be calculative.

Gared, squire of Forresters must leave Castle Black and move beyond the wall to search for the secretive North Grove, facing enemies like Wildings and more in his mission. In the King’s state the people have not yet recovered from the King’s death. Mira has to take over the empire and play the complicated game of politics cleverly. In the Essos area, Asher breaks into the poor city of Meereen at the request of Daenerys Targaryen, which is going to be a test of their friendship in such a difficult mission.

Playing the Game of Thrones Sons of Winter and stuck anywhere at a mission or level?? Don’t Worry, All you have to do is download the Save game files from here and progress further. Just download, extract and copy paste the save game file in your save game directory after backing up your original save game files.

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