Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Save Game and Trainer

Maria is kidnapped to the Dream World, where a gigantic dragon holds her captive. It is now up to her sister, Giana, who has turn into a youngster in the time since the last entrance in the series, to enter the Dream World and rescue her. Because she is in a phase of her life that is all about revolution, she has learned how to control her dreams. She must use her newly developed skills to jump between dreams and make over herself into a “Cute” and “Punk” character in order to deal with her internal clash and terror while she hunts for her sister. As in the past, Giana can pick up crystals for points and determines secrets.

Save game download for this game is now available, so for save game file download all you can do is just click to the link, which is provided below and get the save game file in couple of minutes. Save game file will help you with saving your game at any level and you can just resume this game from the point you stopped.

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