Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Save Game and Trainer

As the name suggest the game is very complicated to understand as this game is puzzle/shooting/exploration type of game. You will have to complete the mission, explore the places and also action is also filled in this game. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is developed by Shadow Planet Productions and is distribute by Microsoft studios. Game play is really interesting as you will have to explore the places and also you have to fight the creatures which comes along the way of your mission and also there is many puzzle in this game to be explored and solved. You can upgrade your ship with the help of Alien technology.

As you solve the puzzle and fight with all bizarre creatures you will be advancing towards your mission which is centre of mysterious Shadow planet. To play this game you will need lot of time and so you can just save your game and play when you have ample of time, for that you will need to have save game file download for the game and it can be downloaded from the link provided below. With the help of save game file you can just save the game and resume it when you need to play this game.

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