Krater Trainer and Save Game


Krater is developed by Fatshark and is published by Lace Mamba Global. An incredible top down RPG set in a green post-apocalyptic world, Krater characterized with both single player (online) and a co-op online mode which lets you and your friends to take on a number of fascinating missions. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic city situated within a enormous impact crater where you lead a small gang of explorers who make their living as hired guns, problem solvers and hunters. There are many features in this game like unique abilities, weapons and upgrades. Game progresses with both injuries and knowledge work in combination to develop your team. You will be given command to control squad of 3 characters from different classes.

There are 3 co-operative missions with increasing difficulty level. You can have save game file download for this game from the link provided below so you can just click to the link and get save game file downloaded in a minute. Save game file will help you in many ways, like you can save game and resume game from the point you had saved file.

Krater[wpdm_file id=99 template=”bluebox ” ]

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