Maestia Rise of Keledus Client

Game is published and developed by Gravity Interactive, game play is persistent online RPG taking place in a wealthy land that is now faced with danger of extermination with the rise of Keledus, a once virtuous man corrupted by his acquired authority. As the powers of Goddess Ia burst into shards of light, Keledus found power but couldn’t use it to make life. Raged, Keledus determined to destroy the world and create one of his own. That’s where players come in to the role, combating to right the world and rise to be a god. Players will pursue a fascinating storyline and launch head first into the everlasting struggle for rule and righteousness.

Join players in combat to confront Instance Dungeons or band together in guilds for small and large scale group battles. Adventure in an ever-growing world packed with hunts, crafting, an advanced mercenary arrangement and more. Travel epic rises, determined by your class, take on enormous world bosses calculated to challenge a full party of players, craft the strongest weapons and shield or tame supernatural pets to clash from your side. All will be brought to life in a fantastical planet filled with a verdant art style showing both the dark and light side of a world terrified into a deep clash that must be survived before it can be solved. You can have save game file for this game from the provided link below. Click to the link and get save game file in just in a seconds.

Maestia Rise of Keledus