Metro: Last Light Save Game 100% completed

Metro: Last Light is the direct sequel of Metro 2033 launched about three years ago. Similar to the first title the sequel Last Light is also very impressive with interesting Story and gameplay. Developed by 4A Games the first-person  shooter put us this time in year 2034 in post-apocalyptic Moscow Metro where we have to deal with remnants of mankind are besieged by deadly threats. Surprising us graphically, last Light again holds us in its each missions because of something different stuffs which we missed in first title. If you are playing the game and got stuck somewhere at any stage, dont worry. Simply download the Save Game from the provided Download button and move ahead. This is a 100% completed Save game and fully functional. Dont forget to backup your original Save Files every time to you replace them with any downloaded files from web.Metro Last Light[wpdm_file id=150 template=”bluebox ” ]