Metro: Last Light Save Game for Xbox 360

Metro 2033 was one of the best and surprising games released in 2011 with its interesting story and very good gameplay no matter on PC, Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 gaming consoles. The games who loved the first part with surely love and like to play the sequence launched yesterday named as “Metro Last Light”. The game puts us in the Moscow metro to prevent the city getting into War between the Mutants and the Survivors. Reason? getting the left over resources. The First Person Action Adventure game offers an experience that maintains the quality of the first part. We play as the role of Artyom who is the protagonist Hero of this title. Overall the game is very interesting and provides you several hours of enjoyable gameplay.

If you are playing the game on Xbox Console and got stuck somewhere in the game, dont worry. Here is the solution. Simply download the Save Game file for Xbox and move ahead with lots of currency which can be used for buying several ammunition and other stuffs. This is the modded save game for Xbox Console. If you are looking for PC version of Save Game or Trainer for Metro: Last Light, check out community forums.

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