Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Save Game

Get in your suite and be ready for the most fierce and realistic battle on the ground. COD Modern Warfare 2 is rich in action and suspense. The game put you in the feet of combat soldier.  The Save Game settings are bit tricky for Call of Duty Modern Warfare. So do read the complete post carefully before adding the save game file.

Steps to copy Save Game file :

  • Download the file and keep it somewhere on your desktop. You will in Winrar to extract the file. It is available for free on web.
  • Start the game and then choose New Campaign. The first mission will start within moment. Exist the game and go  on your desktop.
  • When you will extract the archive you will get a soldier.svg file. This is the actual save game file.
  • Copy the file in C:/Program Files/Activision/Modern Warfare 2/players/save. C is partition where Windows is installed.

Steps to load Save Game file :

  • Go to C:/Program Files/Activision/Modern Warfare 2/players/settings.
    In settings folder you will find a file with iw4 extension. The default one is
  • Right click on that and choose Open With > Notepad. You can use any other text editor also. Remember do not change the file extension.
  • In the file search for : save\trainer.svg. Just add soldier.svg in place of trainer.svg and save the file. Then start your game and Resume the old campaign.

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