Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Trainer

Finally the sequel of StarCraft II is released on gaming consoles. Many gamers around the world have already started playing the same. If you are also one of them, you would surely need this trainer. With this Trainer you will get the following stuffs with the respective keys provided:

Numpad 1: Minerals, Numpad 2: Gas, Numpad 3: Troops, Numpad 4: Enemy Economy, Numpad 5: No Fog, Numpad 6: Instant Build, Numpad 7: Instant Unitsk, Numpad 8: Invincible, Numpad 9: Super Damage, Numpad 0: Unit Energy, Numpad +: Heal Units/Structures, Numpad -: Drain Units/Structures, Numpad /: Save Position, Numpad *: Teleport Mobile Units, Numpad .: Add Kills,

There are few more things you can get with this Trainer such as Unlimited Credits with ‘\ Key’, Unlock Research with ‘] Key’, Convert Unit with ‘Page Up’, Home key will Increase Mission Timer, End key will Decrease Mission Timer and ‘Page Down’ will Remove Cooldowns.

You just need to click the below provided Download Button. If you have any question or need Save Game for the same, you can check the forums.

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