Resident Evil Revelations PC Game Trainer

Resident Evil: Revelations is yet another sequel of the well known survival horror Action game series “Resident Evil” on PC and other major gaming consoles.  Developed by Capcom, the game has released on PC, Xbox, Playstation 3 and 3DS consoles. This time the game takes us to investigate a deadly threat on board a stranded cruise liner in the Mediterranean. We as the character of the game have to face monsters victims of a variant of T Virus on the Giant Ship. Story and the gameplay of this new sequel is no doubt very interesting and good. You will surely love to plat the same if you have played its earlier titles.

To make the gameplay more interesting here i bring you a Game Trainer for PC version of Resident Evil Revelations.  The trainer offers you several extra stuffs such as unlimited Health, unlimited Ammo, no Reload, easy kills, save position, super speed, unlocked characters, and much more. In order to activate the same, download the trainer from this page, extract and install the exe setup. Once installation is done, launch the Trainer, minimize it and launch the Game. Press F1 and you are done. Activate use the trainer stuffs by pressing your numpad keys.

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