Risen 2: Dark Waters Save Game and Trainer

Risen 2 is action filled and fantasy themed game developed by Piranha Bytes and is published by Deep Silver Ubisoft. Game is sequel of Risen and is same but with lot more adventure and thrill in this new version. As a player you will control the character as third-person and explore the game, solve the puzzle and complete the quests and you can customize your character also. There are five key attributes introduced in this game which can be improved in your player and each attributes has its own styles and features. In one of the key attribute you will provided with the power to train animals for your benefit like stealing and distracting your target.

Player also can take help of Voodoo dolls to take direct control of other character. You can also play combat mode and in this player is provided with lots of weapons and you will have to complete the task with the help of this provided weapons and your abilities. Game is very good and requires lot of time to think and act and if you commit some mistake you will be finish and your game will resume from beginning and to avoid this you can download save game file for this game from below provided link. Just download and with the help of save game file you can start your game from last stopped.

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