Scarygirl Save Game and Trainer

Game is developed by TikGames and distributed or published by Square Enix and the game is adventure-platform game. Scarygirl is a girl who is characterized very differently with one eye-patched and one hand with hook and she is adopted by an intelligent Octopus called Blister who cares for Scarygirl. Blister sends this girl on a mission to find out why the forest’s tree of life is loosing the leaves and find the reason behind and while along the journey, she finds that the that keeper of the forest is kidnapped and carried away to city and from here story starts. Scarygirl need to find the keeper and bring him back to forest.

Character can jump and grapple and fight with enemies with the help of light and heavy attacks. Game can be played alone or in multiplayer mode. As this is adventure game you can fail at some level and here you will need save game file download. You can download the save game file for this game from below provided link. Save game helps us to save the game and allow us to resume game from same place, from where it was last stopped. Get the save game file for this game and get going with this game.

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