The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Save Game

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Save file

The awesome Adventure of captain spirit is a free graphic exciting game developed by Dontnod entertainment. The gameplay is based upon a common and interesting story. As per the game developer, players play the role of a young boy Chris Eriksen who lives with his father. His father’s name is Charles but now he is struggling after the death of his wife.

Always Charles (9 years old) thinks to do something and one day he got one ultimate idea to implement. One Saturday morning, Chris establishes the super hero captain spirit and shows his imagination onto the real life. The captain spirit is one of the egos of Chris. This is a unique story concept including different types of characters. The basic of this game is that life is strange. Players will emotionally satisfy to play. In this game sceneries are very beautiful. Moreover captain spirit is nothing but one type of job responsibility and deals with the loss of Chris’s mother in the game.

This PC game comes with a very good game mechanics. The game is introduced in the genre of graphic adventure followed by single player mode. The game environment is awesome with dialogue trees. The game is designed completely with the physics animation system with original assets. The game is based on so many scripts for entertaining. It will help more for improving the writing skills. This game is a series of mission with secrets, choices, actions, experiences and many more contents.

Players can download the full save game from this page in one click and that too for free. Just click the download option and save the file on your desktop. Before replacing this file with your original save files, make sure you backup them first, just in case, if something goes wrong you will have your original game safe.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit