The Cave Save Game and Trainer

The Cave is a magnificent Video game developed by Double Fine Productions and distributed by Sega in January 2013.  The games can be played on the PlayStation 3,Xbox 360 and Wii U  through their respective storefronts and on Steam for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Once You start you would see a Cave, not just a simple one but a magical talking cave, and there on you would enjoy the most sensation filled places and games. Pass through the tunnels and keep exploring more and more in this game. The game needs multiple play-throughs to fully explore the cave. At the start you got to select three of the 7 characters in the game and then it gets locked when you move further. You have to start with a new game to select different character. As a player you have to work with all three characters to proceed by switching between them. The phone is presented with the best 3D graphics.

Enjoy the best graphics, sounds and explore the fascinating magical cave. To get the save game file for this game just visit to the link provided below. Once you get this save game you don’t have to have to play the game from foundation every time, just load the save game file and resume your game from where you have last stopped.

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