The Darkness 2 Save Game and Trainer


The Darkness II is first-person shooter game with psychological horror, this game is story of two years after when the Jackie Estacado use to kill the people who were responsible for the murdering his girlfriend. To take revenge from the people who were guilty for murdering, Jackie has perfected him with best supernatural powers, but the Darkness don’t want this and so there is strange attack on the life of Jack and with this there is a fight and while Jack fights to save his life invites Darkness to reemerge and sets the Jackie on a voyage to hell. Jackie tries a lot to untie the mystery of the attack which was imposed on him and the story continues forward and all you have to unfold the mystery. You can just cut, snatch and throw objects. Enemies introduced in this game are characterized by 4 arms and equipped with weapons. Story of this game is really twisted and is really a very good story as it is written by comic book author named Paul Jenkins.

The Darkness 2[wpdm_file id=136 template=”bluebox ” ]

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