The Invisible Hours Save Game

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In short we can say that “The Invisible Hours” is an adventure game for PC set up which is developed by Tequila Works and published by Game Trust. The background of this game is completely based upon a complex murder story. Let us have a look on the overview of this game before playing. A group of strangers eager to know the invitation from the inventor like Nikola Tesla. Here players will observe an isolated impressive laboratory.

In this game strangers or guests are the major characters to play. The story says that during the arrival of last guest at Tesla’s laboratory, they find him dead and came to know that it was a murder case. Players will see many individuals or involved characters those are busy to find the killer but everyone fails to find. There are some hidden pieces of evidence in this game that players can understand while playing forward. Visible as well as invisible characters are the impressive factors in this game.

Gameplay says that Players have the freedom to follow and notice anyone in the game. It is an amazing story with genuine look on game. This game has strong key features. Players can observe Classic locations in high graphics. It is designed with multi language features for simple game level understanding. Players can listen to high quality of acting voice from multiple characters. It is made with a full view animation along with a quality HD resolution. Lighting of this game is excellent to play. The main aim of this game is having experience on murder story through the eyes of multiple involved characters.

This game is available for PC and the save file of this game is only meant for PC version. Players can download save game file by following the simple instructions. Download is very simple for the PC setup. Players need to just download the game, run setup file and install it. Post-game installation, players can start playing. For safety purpose, players can back up the original save files in other place so that in case anything goes wrong then players can again restore it without any interruption anytime from anywhere. If in case players get stuck anywhere in the game, they can restore the save game file instantly.

The Invisible Hours