Top Gun: Hard Lock Save Game

Top Gun is very old game and all the version of this series was successful so now there is another version of game is released by Konami and Nintendo. Game play is simple and very interesting; player will command a plane and has to complete 4 missions. Player will start from training session and then sent to a mission which is to go after enemy plane and all you have to do is destroy enemy base and then finally destroy enemy shuttle. There are two ending which are introduced in this game, first is complete your game without dying and second one is before dying atleast earns more than 50,000 points and you will be awarded with Top Gun plague. Game play has a view from cock’s pit and you can choose from two themes, one is dogfighting and landing the aircraft by your own.

In dogfight you are allowed to make use of missile and while in landing you will have to control your planes speed and angle. As the game is based on combat you need to think again or if you have made a wrong decision then to turn this situation, you can make use of save game file. Save game file will help you to start the game where you last saved and you can resume the game if you had committed a mistake while playing this game. You can get save game file from below provided link.

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