Warlock: Master of the Arcane Save Game and Trainer

Warlock: Master of the Arcane is a turn-based strategy game created by Ino-Co Plus and published by Paradox Interactive. This game seems to be inspired by Ino-Co’s previous games called Elven Legacy and Masters of Magic. As you know the game is strategy based then it might be quite clear the task of players, you will have to simulate empire management and warfare. You can also control the team and build cities, search for resources, research, recruit new people and solve conflict with other. If you do this with great responsibility then you can success in this game for sure. Game is set in the fantasy world of Ardania and as this game is turned-based strategy game you can think much before you make a move towards your rival.

You can select the level of the game which means game play level can be made to easy, hard and difficult and depending upon your choice the opponents are provided. To complete this game you will have to play long hours and complete the stage but you can make use of save game file and save the game at a point and then you can resume this game from the point last stopped. Save game file for this game is provided below, click the link and you will get your save game file instantly.

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