Batman Arkham Origins Xbox Game Trainer

Batman Arkham Origins is indeed the best Action game launched this month. It is a prequel of Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. by saying prequel, i mean the story of the game is set before the story of the above mentioned earlier two games. The story is very interesting with amazing gameplay. Developed by Splash Damage Arkham Origins is launched today on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 3. Also the developers have worked hard for the graphics. Today i’m posting here a Game Trainer for Batman Arkham Origins Xbox version which will provide you several extra stuffs like unlimited health, Ammo, XP, etc. To activate this Trainer on your Xbox console, you will have to first extract the file to your xbox hard drive in Batman Arkham Origins folder. Now open Trainer_Loader.xex and start the game. Once the game is started, simply press Back+Dpad DOWN and you are done. Enjoy the Arkham Origins gameplay like never before.

Batman Arkham Origins_xb[wpdm_file id=224 template=”bluebox ” ]