Download Microsoft Pix App – More than just a Camera

Microsoft Pix

Microsoft has launched a new Camera app for iPhone users, called ‘Microsoft Pix’. Capable to replace the native iPhone camera, Pix brings several important features that makes your photography more professional. The best part is that there is no modes or settings to select. The app operates itself behind the scenes. Microsoft has created Pix app with computational photography, face recognition, artificial intelligence as well as video stabilization. (Also check Microsoft Selfie App)

The new Microsoft Pix captures frames even before you tap the shutter button. By doing so, the capture several stills in the background and present you the best of them. It is also smart enough to adjust the photo settings as soon as it detects faces in the object. it automatically adjusts exposure to help faces look better, even in difficult lighting situations. You can simply compare the ‘before and after’ photo after capturing it.

That’s not all. Just like Apple’s own Live Photo, the Pix app also has a feature called ‘Live Images’. But it has better stabilizing compared to Live Photo because Pix auto-enhances each burst frame. Furthermore, you can even shoot Hyperlapse Videos using Pix which are stabilized automatically for smoother playback. You can check this short video showing how Microsoft Pix is worth replacing the iPhone’s native camera.

Download Microsoft Pix