Contract Killer Zombies for Android

Following the latest trends of zombie games, the new games name the contract killer zombies are now made available for the android handset. The game is a 3rd person shooter game with many cool features like 3D graphics to give a live touch to the game, numerous items to collect and many more surprising things. The contract killer zombies are actually a funny game where you have multiple zombie bosses and a lot of missions to keep you engaged in it. The player plays the role of Evelyn who is concerned with the mystery behind the outbreak of hordes of zombies. You need to kill the zombie that is all you need to do in this game. However to kill them you need to build a cool collection of zombie killing weapons which includes the guns, rifles, grenades etc. shoot the zombies on the heads and collect the headshot bonus. Multi kills would also earn you numerous bonus. Overall, it’s an amazing game for the android users and really a good pastime options.

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