Hamilton’s Adventure THD for Android

Hamilton’s Adventure THD is a action puzzler genre which is indeed an adventures game to play. The game was earlier available just for the PC however with the advances in android the game is now made compatible with it too. The hamilton’s adventure has two characters to choose from. Select your favorite character and storm through the windy mountain of Himalaya and also the jungles of amazon. The enemies in the game is different for each place. Pass the traps, spring board and find the hidden treasures of the places. Play the game and enhance your gaming skills. There is a bird named sasha to accompany you on your journey and there is a number of other weapons to support you. You need to collect bronze, silver and gold to pass the levels. There are 22 levels to play in the adventurous game. The hamilton’s adventure is encompassed with a piranhas, exocets, golems and other cunning agents on your way to the adventurous trip. The game is available for the devices running on Tegra 3 processor.

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