Dolphin 5.0 Nintendo Emulator for Android and Windows

Dolphin 5 Nintendo Emulator

Emulator lovers of “old” console will know without a doubt Dolphin, the emulator for Nintendo GameCube and Wii which has just reached version 5.0, now able to start every commercial game released for the GameCube. The emulator also has a version for Android, unfortunately not perfectly optimized for the platform due to a lack of availability of programmers, both for the technical limits of the products so far concerned with the devices.

Dolphin is one of the most interesting emulators among those others available on Android. Initially as a GameCube emulator, Dolphin has slowly evolved up to also support the games of Wii, since the two consoles are very similar.

Even NVIDIA Shield Android TV, the most powerful devices on the market, cannot handle perfectly emulating some games; the latest beta of Dolphin, however, introduces support for Vulkan API, promising a perceptible increase in the emulation speed.

The first version for Android with support for Vulkan API is build 5.0-748, while at the time of writing this, the latest released is the build 5.0-753 version. As many of you will remember, the API Vulkan offers a more direct access to the hardware of the device, since it is low-level API, allowing you to take advantage of all the power made available by the latest SoC GPU fitted on top of the range.

In case you wish to install the apk, be prepared for any crash: the implementation is in its infancy, and some compatibility issues are not excluded.

Download Dolphin 5.0 Nintendo Emulator for Android | Download Dolphin 5.0 Nintendo Emulator for Windows