Download BlackBerry Priv Launcher for Android

BlackBerry Priv Launcher

Since BlackBerry Priv is already up for Pre-order (first ever BlackBerry Android Smartphone), the company has already launched the stock BlackBerry Launcher on PlayStore for other Android smartphones, including BlackBerry Priv Keyboard. This is the same launcher used in BlackBerry Priv with amazing features.

The  BlackBerry Launcher makes your long tasks to one-click task, no matter if it is making a call or sending an email. It brings in all new Widget experience. Usually we place space consuming widgets all over our home screens. But here we get the new BlackBerry Pop-up Widget that allows you to check any application widget by simply swiping up or down across the icon on your home screen. We get instant access to information and exact when we need.

The launcher also allows us to launch any application or any tasks using keyboard shortcuts. This is something very new for us on Android. For example, using BlackBerry launcher when we tap B on keyboard, it will launch the Browser. And so on. Fortunately, this launcher can now be used on any Android smartphones and Tablets running Android  Lollipop and above. You can download its APK right away by clicking the link provided, or simply click the second link to get it from PlayStore. Also check: BlackBerry Priv Camera App & Password Keeper

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