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Fb Ads Manager

Here’s a great news for marketers and advertisers. Facebook has released Facebook Adverts Manager App for Android smartphones. For iOS users, it was launched earlier in February.

Using this app you can design ads, make new ads for Facebook, edit existing ones, and track ads and their earnings, along with every other minute detail of your ads on Facebook. The application is perfect to manage Facebook ads for your small and medium business set-up, as it provides all advertising tools to users, to perform a number of functions on the go.

Moreover users can also set specific audience settings on Facebook, and decide a budget along with arranging and planning schedules for their ads on the go, on their Android Smartphone. You can manage your spending on ads as the app notifies you when the ads have reached your spending limit. Also check out how much you have spent at a given time on ads.

Highlights of Facebook Adverts Manager

  • Check out your ad outcomes: You can track how many people have opened your published ads and what did they do after opening the ad
  • Keep a check on your spending and earnings
  • Modify Ads: Change images, correct typographical errors and also make ads viewable for a selected set of audience
  • Manage your financial plan and make specific schedules
  • Receive instant updates and notifications about your adverts, end date, performance
  • Get updates regarding your spending limit
  • Make new ads, edit older ones, add photos everything from your phone

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