Download Galaxy Note 3 Root Package

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best Smartphone or Tablet available today in the market with several unique features which we have not seen in any smartphone till date. It is the latest Flagship smartphone from Samsung available at the price of Rs. 49,900. Anyways, to get the complete access of any Android smartphone you require to root the phone. This allows you to get the Super User access of the device which allows you to do anything you want. In other words, it increases the capability of your Android device. There are also several applications and games which need root access of your phone which is only possible after rooting it. Also if you want to install any Custom ROM, your device must be rooted. So, today i’m posting here the Rooting package for your Galaxy Note 3 which is also KNOX friendly. Other rooting method also hamper your Note 3’s KNOX feature but using this file, your KNOX remains untouched and you can use it after rooting the Note 3. If you dont know how to use it, check out the complete step by step guide provided here. If you have any  more query regarding this, feel free to use the comment box below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rooted[wpdm_file id=239 template=”bluebox ” ]