HERE Maps Beta for Samsung Mobiles

‘Here’ is the maps provider which gives you all over the maps for every country and also gives you location with turn by turn based navigation. Samsung and Here Maps have collaborated this year in August so that the Samsung smartphones could give you the Here Maps application. The Here Maps for Samsung Galaxy smartphone is still in Beta version.

This app has turn by turn offline navigation, live traffic information, location sharing capability and many more features which you can access if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The same features are available now for Windows Phone app as well. Let’s have a look at the features of Here Maps:

List of features for Here Maps:

  • Maps can be downloaded for using it offline and it is available for 100 countries for navigations.
  • Offline Navigation so that you can have turn by turn voice guidance without needs to connect to the internet
  • Hovering 766 Cities and 40 Countries with the Public Transport Maps and Direction
  • More than 40 countries will show you the live traffic updates
  • offers you to navigate before you go for trip
  • Personalization of Maps for accessing it by saving the favorite places in collections
  • Private, Secure and Safe are the three modes for sharing your location with Glympse
  • Here Maps require minimum 1GB RAM and Android 4.1 to work on your Samsung phone. You can get it downloaded from here: Here Maps Beta.

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