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Google Allo Download

One of the main highlights of IO 2016 were the two new apps, Google Allo and its companion app Google Duo. These are completely different and much more better than Hangouts. While Duo is video calling app with Knock Knock feature that provides Live preview of the caller even before your answer the call, Google Allo on other hand is the new messenger app from Google that comes with built-in two way conversational new Google Assistant. It not only lets you search right from the app while chatting in Allo, but also provide you instant chat related suggestions.

Google Allo offers you all new way of messaging. Not only built-in Google lets you do everything within the app, from getting flights details to booking dinner reservation with complete restaurant details, it also lets you express yourself with a set of new emojis and stickers, keeps you updated with the agenda for the day or photos from your last trip. Just tell the Assistant and it does, all within the app. You can even customize your text size, doodle the photos, and do much more. Check this to understand it more effectively.

Google Allo Features

As said, you keep getting related suggestion during the chat which is called Smart Reply. When you receive response from your friend on other side, the Google Assistant brings up Smart suggestions depending on the response. Just tap the same and you don’t need to even type a single word. It not only responds to text but also and pictures you receive. Apart from all those funny stuffs, Google Allo also takes care of your privacy and security. Once you go Incognito, all your conversations are end-to-end encrypted. You can not only chat privately but also set the expiry of these secret chats and also hide the notifications.

Google Allo and Duo back at I/O 2016 while both the apps went up for Pre-register in May. Finally Duo was made available last month for public, and now, Google Allo too has launched officially for Android and iOS devices. You can download the latest version of Google Allo for respective platforms from the store links provided below. Alternatively, Android users can also download the latest Allo APK file from this page right away and in just a single click, install it manually and start making your conversation really interesting.

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