Download Google Camera App for all Android phones

We have seen camera features in Google’s own Nexus devices as well as few smartphones from Motorola, which was also Google company earlier. Those who dont remember about the features, atleast they know the Camera provided in the latest Nexus 5. It is one of the best camera we have in smartphones till today. The good news is that Google has now made their own Camera publicly for all Android smartphones. That’s correct. If you are having any Android phone running Android 4.4 Kitkat or above, you can install Google Camera App and get all those features right on your phone. Unfortunately, there are only couple of devices running on Kitkat 4.4 but many of other phones will soon be updated to the same.

Talking about features, the new Google Camera app allows you to record 360º Photo Spheres views as well as Panorama mode with high resolution. The camera also allows you to capture DSLR camera like pictures with its Lens Blur mode with shallow depth of field. That’s not all we have. Using this camera app, you get maximum resolution from the sensor with 100% viewfinder for sharper and best images. Lots more to go. You should better get the on your phone and check out all those cool features. It is just 15 MB in size.

Google Camera appDownload Google Camera App