Download Google Cardboard APK

Google CardBoard App

We earlier informed you the pros, cons and how to use Google Cardboard. Here we provide you the official Google Cardboard app’s APK file. Cardboard will deliver an amazing virtual reality experience on your phone at an affordable cost.

Talking about the Cardboard app, it is default application to use Google Cardboard and will assist you in set up cardboard also to launch apps, videos and more. Also the Cardboard application comes with some preinstalled sample demos like Earth, Windy Day, Eiffel Tower, Tour Guide for Versailles, Exhibit, etc. Here’s a description about the demos provided in the app:

  • Earth: Roam the whole world and explore places and check out main highlights and famous locations of cities just sitting at home.
  • Versailles: Roam Versailles with assistance of tour guide.
  • Exhibit: Observe all traditional antiques, artifacts and other works of art.
  • Windy Day: Short animated film by Spotlight stories, explore the interactive windy day

It comes with a Photo Sphere segment where you can look at all the pictures you have clicked. Also the app features a My Videos section where you check out all videos captured by you on the cardboard. It is strictly prohibited to use the Cardboard outdoors while driving and walking etc. Download the cardboard app from the links provided below and enjoy the virtual reality experience using Google Cardboard.

Google CardBoard AppDownload APK | Download from PlayStore