Download Google Spotlight Stories 360-degree Movies app for iPhone and Android

Google Spotlight Stories

Spotlight Stories 360-degree movies is the latest application by Google for iPhones and iPads after releasing the app for Android smartphones in May, Google has finally come up with the IOS app. Your mobile theater is just a download for as Google Spotlight 360 engages you in an immersive experience in the virtual world.

This application was developed in 2013 by Motorola’s ATAP and was tested and first used on Motorola Moto X. Talking about the features of this app you can view 2D and 3D animation movies at 360 degree angles with full high quality based surround music. The app uses the smartphones fusion sensor. Engineers and critically acclaimed filmmakers have worked hard to bring you this ultimate experience of storytelling specially made for your mobiles.

Now this gets pretty interesting, as you get to experience amazing places and things virtually. You will feel as if you are the character by simply following him and just moving your phone will show you the surrounding area in the film. You would love to watch them again and again.

The application comes with four preloaded movies:

  • Help by Justin Lin, it is free for a limited period
  • Duet by Glen Keane
  • Buggy Night by Motorola’s ATAP
  • Windy Days by ex- Pixar makers

You can also make in-app purchases and experience more stuff exclusively on the app. Download the application now!

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