Download Google Who’s Down App APK

Google Whos Down

Google today released a new app called ‘Who’s Down’. This new app let you tell your friends if you are available for hangout with them. Usually most of us remain busy and if our friend message us, we see it after hours and reply them, by then they become busy. But using this new Who’s Down, they or we can tell our groups that we are actually Free to Hangout.

Google Who’s Down is only available as ‘Invite-Only’ as of now. You can do the same after installing the app. But most of the time, since you dont have the invite code, PlayStore will tell you “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” So, what you can do is, download the APK file from here (in just a single click) and install it like normal apk installation. Thereafter, follow the steps provided in this article.

Using Who’s Down, you just need to move the slider once and tell you friends that you are available for them for next three hours. Have Fun !!

Google Whos DownDownload Who’s Down APK | Download from PlayStore