Download Instagram Layout Collage APK

Instagram Layout Collage

Layout is an amazing app from Instagram allowing you to easily create amazing Collage combining multiple images. Its fun, it’s simple and it gives you a new way to show your creativity. There is also a feature that brings all images with faces together in the camera roll making it easier for the collage. It also have features of shuffling and flipping pictures for creating particular type of effects. The app also supports drag and drop, pinch to zoom, resizing, rearranging, and more features so that you get your layout just right as you want them.

With Instagram Layout Collage you also get a Photobooth option allowing you to directly click make collage using different templates. Once ready, share it directly on various social networking sites. First Instagram launched Layout only for IOS early in March but now it is also available for Android. If you are a photography fan, this is the perfect app for you. Go ahead and download its APK right away.

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