Download Microsoft Xim photo sharing app

Microsoft has introduced a new app for photo sharing name as Xim. Xim is the app that makes the photo sharing quite easier than before. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Xim shares your photo to others without even asking them to download the photo which means they can see what you will show them. You don’t need to pass your phone any more to share the pictures. The person who is sharing the picture has to download the Xim and not all people have to keep the app to receive the photo. People who are watching the photos don’t have to download the Xim app on their smartphone to watch the pictures.

There is also a feature by which any user who is interacting with the pictures can see the previous or next photos or even they can zoom and pan the photos and this all will be a real time experience for the viewers. The Xim app can pick the pictures from multiple sources like your camera roll, Facebook, Instagram or OneDrive etc. So, how to share the pictures from your phone to others? Its fair simple, you can just select up to 50 pictures and create a Xim and then you can share the pictures that you want to share to your friends by asking their email address or even their phone numbers.

The company said there is a time limit for the content on the Xim to expire but they haven’t talk about the exact time period. This Xim app by Microsoft is right now available only in US Windows App Store and Google Play Store. The iOS App Store has not yet made the app live for users.

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