Download Mobile Gamepad – Wireless Game Controller for any Android phone

I found an app on Google Play Store named as “Mobile Gamepad”. The description says that after installing this application we can use our Android phone as a Wireless game control for any Video game on our PC. Well, i gave a try and it really worked. I gave it a try with GTA, Tom Clancy and Batman games, i was indeed able to play all those games sitting 8 meters away from my PC. Wow. So, though to share here with you guys as well. Once you installed Mobile Gamepad on any of your Android phone, you need to connect via WiFi to your computer and control the entire game sitting as far as your Wifi network supports and play the game on your PC. Only thing required is a small server application which is just 299 kb in size and installs in seconds on your PC.I have provided both server and the APK in the download package below.

You can play the game via buttons or Motion of your phone, you can increase or decrease the volume of your speakers right from the phone’s volume  rockers, you can use swipe over controls for easy usage not just clicking, you can access the list of games right from the app and start the game on your computer without actually touching the PC. There’s lots more. As Mobile Gamepad app is still in beta, there are some minor bugs which put some limitations but that;s not the big deal i found while playing those games. If you are gamer, you should really give it a try.

mobile gamepadDownload Mobile Gamepad : [wpdm_file id=329 template=”bluebox ” ]