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Move to iOS

As we know Apple recently launched the new iPhone 6S & 6S Plus and today they launched the final version of iOS 9. Apple has also came with many strategies to attract more and more users. They also launched an App called “Move to iOS” that offer hassle free data transfer from Android to iPhones.

Users willing to move to iOS (not me :p) no more need to copy or Sync their data somewhere else before getting it on their new iPhone. Simply install this Move to iOS app on their Android phone and transfer directly to the iPhone. Using this app, you can transfer Contacts, Message history, Camera photos and videos, Web bookmarks, Mail accounts and Calendars.

All this transfer is done via private Wi-Fi network created between the devices. So nobody else has access to the same. It is further secured with a security code. Once entered, everything is transferred just like that. You can download the App from PlayStore or get its APK directly from here.

Move to iOSDownload from PlayStore | Download APK