Download OnePlus Care APK – Warranty and Protection Plan

OnePlus Care APK

OnePlus usually offers Insurance type protection plans as well with their flagship smartphones. Continuing the same, they are offering 12 Months of Damage Protection Plan absolutely free with their latest flagship, OnePlus 3. In this period, if your OnePlus 3 gets damaged in any way (unintentionally only) then you will get it repaired from official OnePlus service centers without any cost, or at very minimal charge. In other words. your OnePlus 3 gets a year insurance for free.

To get this protection plan, you must activate it manually within 10 days of purchase or within 7 days after you get the phone delivered to you. For that activation, you need the OnePlus Care app. You need to register your OnePlus 3 device, your mobile number and the invoice copy to get the protection plan activated. You can check the complete process at the URL provided above.

OnePlus Care app not only activates the protection plan, but also alerts you for warranty expiry, real time updates of the phone’s service status, keeps all your bills and invoices safe as digital copy, and the best of all, you will get home pickup and drop for the phone. If you are Oneplus user, you must have this app installed on your phone. So, go ahead and download it right away from the play store app provided below or get OnePlus Care APK file directly from this page and install it manually.

OnePlus Care APKDownload APK | Download from PlayStore