Download Tengi APK – Messaging app with Cash Prizes

Tengi Apk Download

Tengi is the new messaging app in the market having nothing new compared to other Instant messaging apps like WhastApp, Hike, etc. But, Tengi is the only app that gives you Cash for using the app. That’s Correct. You can get up to Rs. 10,00,000 or £10,000 in cash every week. That’s not all, there are several more similar cash prizes to be won in the weekly draw.

Tengi has all same features we have seen in whatsapp, telegram, hike, etc. Send text, emoticons, photos, videos and audio messages for free and chat in a group of up to 100 contacts. The signup process is also the same. You need to enter your mobile number and enter the OTP to register. It works on both Cellular and WiFi connectivity. You can also connect to Facebook and chat with your friends and family from FB Contacts.

The prizes depends on tickets you earn. Every time you open Tengi, you get 1 ticket. If you use Tengi for minutes, you get another one ticket. When you bring new users to Tengi by inviting them, you get 16 tickets for each new user. This is how you need to collect as many tickets as you can which brings you more closer to the grand Cash prize. The more you use/chat on Tengi, the more tickets you earn.

If you are thinking why and how Tengi offers so much of Cash prizes, well they have explained it themselves.

We have a small amount of advertising within the app, and we give 50% of this revenue away each week as prizes. The more people that use Tengi, the more revenue we earn, which means the more prizes we can give away.

Let’s take a look at the Tengi features:

  • Media sharing : Send your friends images, video and audio for free using your data plan or WIFI.
  • More people, more prizes: As more of you gorgeous people start using Tengi, we’ll give away more prizes.
  • Easy contacts: Like other messaging apps, any phone contacts using Tengi will be automatically added to your Tengi friends list
  • Group chat: Start a private group chat with up to 100 friends at once.

You can download the Tengi App for Android and iOS from the respective AppStore links provided below. Alternatively you can also download the Tengi APK file from this page instantly and install it manually on your Android smartphone. Remember, Tengi is only available in US, UK and India as of now. Users outside this countries can download the Tengi Lite too from below provided link.

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