Truedialer 3.0 for Android and Windows Phone

TrueDialer 3 APK

Truedialer is an application from the makers of Truecaller, which was released last year. Here we provide you the APK of its latest version (Truedialer v.3.0), as well as download link for Windows Phone users. It is one of the top recommended app with more than 10 million users using it.

What is Truedialer? You may always be wondering who these unknown numbers are in your call logs!!! Truedialer which is based on Truecaller technology will tell you who they are. It is an app which sports a superior dialer for your Smartphone when compared to the default dialer you are using. Not only that this app provides all information like number, profile picture and more about any contact, it will also add names and pictures of unsaved numbers in your logs, it comes with dual SIM support for more than 500 android smartphones as well. You require internet connection to use this application. You can now search for numbers of people, restaurants and also other business services who are not on your contact list using Truedialer.

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The application has received its latest update yesterday for Windows and Android smartphones and it has come with a new material design for Android and some new features. Also the functionality of the application has been made faster than it was before.

Truedialer v.3.0 update sports a beneficial quick search box for searching contacts and other people taking the least of your efforts. Also it provides search results very fast and is easy to use.

Download APK for Android | Download for Windows Phone