Download WhatsApp apk with Google Drive Backup

WhatsApp has finally brought us a very important feature for Android users. We can now backup all our WhatsApp data (including chats) to Google Drive. So far, it use to save the chats/backups on our internal storage which was always at risk. If something goes wrong with the phone and we dint get chance to backup, all chats  were gone. But with this new Cloud Backup option, all are chats remain safe in our cloud folder. You can select whether to Backup daily, weekly or monthly. Also if only while connected to WiFi, or with Cellular data also.

Earlier we posted WhatsApp with Material Design and now this is WhatsApp with Cloud backup option. This new feature is only available with version 2.12.45. However, the PlayStore still has a month old version of WhatsApp which neither has Material Design nor the Google Drive option. So, if you want to have these feature and new UI, you can download the APK from below and enjoy your WhastApp messenger better than before.

WhatsApp with Google Drive BackupDownload WhatsApp with Google Drive