Download WhatsApp APK with “Mark as Unread” Feature

WhatsApp Mark Unread Feature

WhatsApp Inc. has launched the latest update of WhatsApp messenger, version 2.12.200. However it is not available on Google Play Store currently, but you can download the APK file of latest WhatsApp from this page in a single click on the links provided below.

Talking about what new features does WhatsApp has to offer, it comes with many customization options, you can mute chats and many other new features as well. With the new WhatsApp you can mark any chat which you have read as unread, a green dot will appear on the chat indicating it is unread, you may have seen this feature in Facebook and emails. WhatsApp already has offline backup feature, along with that a new Drive backup and restore feature which will backup which will allow users to sync their chats via their Gmail account to Google Drive and access or backup it whenever they want to.

Another new feature in WhatsApp is the Low Data Usage feature which will consume less data in WhatsApp calling, you can check this feature in Chat and Call Settings. Usually as you chat data usage is minimal but WhatsApp calling eats up a lot of data and this feature is especially to reduce the amount of data usage in WhatsApp calls and provide users the same experience even when consuming less data. You have many customization options as well in the latest WhatsApp as you can set different ringtones and notifications for different contacts, also you can mute chats and enable flash notifications.

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List of features:

  • Google Drive Chat Backup and Restore
  • Low Data Usage
  • Mute Chats
  • Set different notifications for messages of each contact
  • Set different ringtones for calls of each contact
  • Flash Notifications

WhatsApp Mark Unread FeatureDownload WhatsApp v2.12.200