Download WhatsApp APK with Starred Message Feature

WhatsApp Starred Message

There is a reason why WhatsApp is the most used chat application for smartphones today. They keep on introducing new important features time to time. Earlier they brought us app-wide search that helped us search any message from the entire database stored on our phone. But that was so useful because we get multiple results of the same keyword.

Today, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, ‘Starred Messages’. You already know what does starred messages means. Well, it is sort of bookmark. Once you starred any messages, it will be bookmarked separately at one place which you can browse anytime and access the important ones. Starring a message is quite simple. Long press any message and tap the STAR icon on the top menu. You can access these starred messages anytime from Options Menu, just below the Whatsapp Web.

Now, this feature is only available in version 2.12.342. While the latest version available at PlayStore is 2.12.317. So, you can download the APK file of Whatsapp v2.12.342 from this page in one click and install it on your smartphone. Enjoy !!

WhatsApp Starred MessageDownload WhatsApp V2.12.342 APK