Download WhatsApp APK with Voicemail Feature

WhatsApp VoiceMail

Withing a week, WhatsApp has rolled out second new feature to its Beta version, called ‘Voicemail’. That’s correct. You can now send Voicemail to your contacts if he/she missed your Voice calls. Let’s get it more simple.

If you are running the latest WhatsApp Beta version 2.16.195, whenever you make a Voice call from the messenger and if the recipients missed it or reject call, you will now see an all new screen instead of going back to the logs screen. The screen has 3 new buttons including Cancel, Call back and Record Voice Message. Simply hold the mic icon and record a new message to send. This is very similar to earlier voice messages, but it is very useful on this new screen because it now saves couple of taps and screen navigation to send a message.

Since this Voicemail feature is rolled out for WhatsApp Beta Users for Android, you must have subscribed to Beta Program to get it. Once subscribed, you can download the latest version directly from PlayStore or simply get its APK from below in just one click. There are also many other important features you can experience in Beta version such as the all new FixedSys Fonts, Bold, Itlaic and Striking formatting, and much more.

WhatsApp VoiceMailDownload APK | Download from PlayStore