Download WhatsApp with upto 256 Group Limit


Until now we had the limit of 100 contacts in WatsApp group. But now we can expand it up to 256 members. It is even more than the Telegram Messenger. Isn’t that a great new? Of course it is. If we take a look at the history of WhatsApp’s group limit, it was launched with 50 which was later increased to 100 in November 2014. And now after such as long period, WhatsApp took a long jump and made it up to 256.

To get this feature on your WhatsApp messenger, you must be running version 2.12.437. Remember, the latest version we have on PlayStore is v2.12.367. So, either you have to download it from Official Website or simply get the latest WhatsApp APK from this page, in just one click on the link provided below.

WhatsApp Group LimitDownload Latest WhatsApp APK