Download Xiaomi MIUI Launcher APK for your Android phone

Among the best Android launchers in the one, Xiaomi’s MIUI has its unique place. The Home screen launcher offers several features of its own such as new dialer, its own Phonebook, own app drawer and more. The launcher also has built-in thousands of theme and wallpaper downloader allowing you to personalize your screen in your own way. It also comes with app lock system using which you can lock any of your installed applications with password. It is a security/privacy kinda stuff. The widgets are amazing which can be used on unlimited number of home screens. As of now the launcher is in just Beta version and hence there is no option to change the language, but will be available soon in next updates. If you want, you can try out the MIUI launcher on any of your Android smartphones. So, go ahead and get the apk right away from this page.

Xiaomi MIUI Launcher APKDownload MIUI Launcher APK