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YouTube Music

Google today launched a standalone music app called YouTube Music. While YouTube brings you everything uploaded in videos, YouTube Music brings you only Music videos which also can be played in the background. Also, unlike the main app, this Music app keeps on playing continuously unless you stop it, just like our native music apps.

The home screen of YouTube Music brings you some tracks pulled from your recent searches and tastes. As well as it shows recently played tracks. You can search tracks by artist, track or album, the app will bring you each music file associated with the search no matter if it is the official music or remix or even the covers. There’s also tabs for Music Today and Music this Week.

Most importantly, when you download and sign-in in YouTube Music, you get 14 days free trial of YouTube Red absolutely free that also lets you take music offline, and that too add free. Although, as we understand, it brings Video Music tracks, there is also a feature called “Audio Mode” that lets you play only Audio, without Video. Which means less Data consumption.

Here are some of the important highlights of YouTube Music:

  • Any video, album, or artist starts a non-­stop station
  • Personalized stations learn your tastes
  • A home tab with recommended tracks just for you
  • A trending tab to stay up on the newest releases
  • New songs and artists in ‘On the rise’
  • The latest hits in ‘The Daily 40’
  • New artists, classic favorites, and everything in between
  • Official music videos, full albums, remixes, covers, and more
  • Classic recordings and videos that span decades
  • All the sights, sounds, and power of video
  • See concert footage and live recordings
  • Stay a part of global music moments
  • Amplify your experience with YouTube Red
  • Get ad­-free videos
  • Listen to music offline on mobile devices
  • Enjoy music while using other apps or with your screen off
  • Listen in audio mode without having to load video

You must know that YouTube Music is not available in India as of now. So, you wont be able to download it from PlayStore. It will say this app is incompatible with all your devices. What you can do is, simply download its APK from this page right away in just one click and experience Music in all new way.

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