Chine Mobile Racing Games Nes


If you are having a China Mobile, we have got something useful for you all. You can now download over thousands of video games for your phones in different genre like Action games, Shooting Games, Racing game from this page and lots more. The Racing game’s package includes Excitebike, Adventure Island II, Amazing Spider-Man, Highway racing, Battletoads, Castlevania II – Belmont’s Revenge, Fire Fighter, Jurassic Park 2, Little Mermaid, Looney Tunes, Megaman II, Motocross Maniacs, Racing Tamashii, and many more. There are total 228 interesting games in this package. Hope you will like it for sure. If you face any problem with these games, feel free to use the comments box. In order to play any of these games, just copy the NES file on your phone’s memory.

Little MermaidDownload Racing Games