Hike Messenger with Hike Direct Feature – APK

Hike Messenger has launched a new innovative feature called Hike Direct. Now, no matter if you are out of Internet data, you can still chat with your friends as well as transfer large files with them. This is very much similar to WiFi direct but offers very good transfer speed. According to the company, using WiFi direct you can transfer 70MB files in just 10 seconds. I tried sending a 14MB video which took me less than 2 seconds to transfer. Impressive.

Hike Direct

Using Hike Direct is very similar. You just need to install the latest version of Hike Messenger (download the APK from below), open a chat or contact, tap on the 3dot button in top right corner and select Hike Direct. Your friend also do the same thing on his/her mobile. Both of you will be prompted for confirmation. Allow the same and you guys will be connected. Enjoy internet free chatting and file sharing at high speed. Note, Hike Direct works withing radius of 100 meters.

Hike Direct apkDownload Hike Direct APK