Hitman: Sniper for Android and iOS

Hitman Sniper Android IOS

Hitman series has been one of the most popular game series in recent times. We are glad to tell you that the next edition of the superhit series has finally been released for smartphone platform. Hitman: Sniper is now available for download on Android, iPhone and iPad at just $4.99. The game has different gameplay compared to the previous Hitman: Go which was also a huge hit. Your character is the same, Agent 47, but this game is a fixed position game, where you sit at a place equipped with a sniper gun and shoot targets from a specific distance, similar to arcade games. It is an aggressive shooting game which is set up Montenegro. You have to compete through a big map full of objectives and missions.

Hitman: Sniper comes with a total of 150 missions to complete, 13 different sniper rifles to unlock and choose from and leaderboards. Every mission can be replayed to perfect your skills and make you a pro and lead on the leaderboards. The game has amazing handling features which are based on gestures, you can reload your gun, shoot, bolt, aim, etc. using gestures. This makes the user experience even more electrifying.

Hitman: Sniper Features:

  • Addictive shooting game of the Hitman universe
  • Successfully pass more than 150 missions. Defeat the top criminal!
  • Replay and discover more hidden secrets as the game progresses1
  • Beat your friends & rule the leaderboards!
  • Master unexplored kills using your surrounding environment
  • Unlock 13 classic epic sniper rifles, by completing their missions.

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